Welcome to Elitescontent contributor guide. This page is set to direct authors who wish to contribute to elites content and our enthusiastic audience with original and quality contents.

Being intoxicated by the passion to create and distribute helpful contents for marketers, we accept marketing-related contents from contributors or authors who wish to reach out our marketing enthusiastic audience.

We are interested in specific articles that cover General Digital Marketing, Content Marketing,  Social Media Marketing,  Search engine optimization, Marketing Management, Brand Management, Consumer Lifestyle, and Marketing Research.

Benefits for Contributors at Elites Content

1. Brand Exposure: You will be privileged to put your brand in front of your ideal target markets.

2. Lead Generation: Meeting with our active audience,  you can get people that are willing to buy what you sell.

3. Brand Authority: By placing your thoughts in front of the industry enthusiastic persons, you can position your self as an expert.

Conditions/Guides to Be A Contributor at Elites Content

Here are some conditions you must consider if you want to be our guest contributor. Please ensure you follow elitescontent contributor guide. Such as:

1.Author’s Bio

All our contributors are advised to kindly include the following information for author profile:

  • Email address connected to Gravatar
  • Social media profiles
  • Company information

Note: In situations where multiple authors contributed to an article, only the lead author’s bio will appear while other names will be enlisted in the article as co-authors.

2. Format of Article

  • Writing Style: A contributor to Elites content is required to be unique in his/her thoughts.  Most importantly, the contributor’s thought should/must be relevant, original, educational, valuable, error-free, etc.  We do not publish companies’ press release or promo copies.

Please kindly check out some articles already published as a guide and ensure you proofread before submission.

  • Length: We consider write-ups of over 500-1000 words as a minimum while long-form content are over 1,000-2000+. We believed in in-depth researched articles as our audience are enthusiastic to learn. Hence, long-form contents of 1000-2000+ are most preferred.
  • Links: As a Contributor, you are required to include links to outside sources of your article body only if you are citing research, news, or important evidence.

Note: The links must be highly relevant to the point or section it is placed, no personal links, affiliate links, no keyword stuffing. Else, it will be considered spam and may hinder publication.

3. Submission Process

To submit your articles to Elites content, you need to follow the following procedures:

  • Send the full copy of your article to [email protected] in a word document format. You will get a confirmation in 24 hours.
  • If accepted, your article will be published after being edited by our editorial team or ask you to make necessary corrections. But if not, your article will never be used by Elites content on any occasion.

Also, if your article (s) meet (s) the requirements, it will be published within 14 working days. But if your article requires much of the editor’s work, that may warrant the publishing date to be extended.

Note: We do not accept an article already published elsewhere. If we find out, you will be penalized, and your article will never be published.

If you wish to syndicate your content, let the editors know where the article has been published beforehand, then provide permission to allow us to republish it here @elitescontent.

4. Content Use Right

By submitting your content to us, you and/ or your organization will be giving us unlimited rights of use to your contents across multiple digital channels such as social media, emails, PDF,  infographic, video etc. We also hold the right to edit for purpose of clarity, voice or tone, and style.

Kindly ensure that you have the right to grant us permission to use all content and materials that you submitted. Please kindly provide the appropriate copyrights and rights of use for any material attached e.g graphics, videos, audios etc.


Elites Content Contributor guide can be subjected to review and changes could be made by the Elites Content Editorial Board Members. All persons concerned will be informed, if otherwise, please always check back on the guide before submission of your articles.